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2.15. Error: Cannot access an uploaded file via firefly


You receive the error "The file has no pages that firefly can currently display." or "Please try again. The file is still loading" when attempting to open a file through the firefly website or iPad application


No pages to display

Please try again

Solution #1:

This first error can be received when you are attempting to open a file type that is not currently supported; you may also see it if the file is supported but still processing.  The currently supported file types are linked below. If you are using a supported file type and are getting either of these errors; please wait up to 1 hour before attempting to access the file again.

Here is a list of the currently supported file types.

Note: firefly is an evolving system and the supported file types may be expanded in the future.

You may be able to use the KESI Virtual Printer for Windows to convert unsupported formats into supported formats. For Mac, you would "print" the file you are interested in to a .pdf, and then upload the .pdf.  Further instructions on the use of the KESI Virtual Printer can be found here: Virtual Printer Information & Troubleshooting

Solution #2:

If the above does not address the issue, you may be experiencing an instance of a document being unable to be processed.  This is a rare occurrence that our Engineering Team is currently investigating.  Please follow the below steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Option A) Upload the Document again:

If you have easy access to the document and can upload it to the Universal Library again (deleting the previous copy), this is likely the fastest approach to resolving the issue.

Option B) Open/Resave the Document within the Kurzweil 3000 Win/Mac Installed Software:

  1. Launch and login to your Kurzweil 3000 Win/Mac Installed Softare
  2. Go to File > Open From Library and open the document experiencing issues within firefly or the k3000 iPad app
  3. Once the document opens, go to File > Save and allow the document to save over the previous listing

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