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2.23. Password reset and account activation emails not working or going to SPAM


Emails from our organization are not being received or are going to SPAM and you cannot activate the links.


Gmail based (and potentially other major mail providers) sometimes identify the emails from our organization as SPAM. When this happens, it can "strip" the important links we provide to item such as; Product Downloads, Password Resets, and the "I Give Permission" Link. If you encounter this issue, please see the solution below for assistance.


1. In your webmail view (I.E. www.gmail.com or your school webmail site) check your SPAM folder.

2. If you see an email from us (customerservice@kurzweiledu.com or tech@kurzweiledu.com) open this email in your SPAM folder.

3. You should see an option that states "Report not Spam" on a gray banner at the top of your screen - click on this.

4. The email should now move to your Inbox, and the links should now work. If you find the links still do not work, process another password reset request here: https://www.kurzweil3000.com/forgotpassword - When the second reset request comes in, it should come in normally to your inbox and the links should be operable. If you are looking for a different type of email that is not a password reset request, please contact us so that we can send you another email after these steps are taken in order to resolve.

Information for IT professionals:

If you are experiencing this issue with your clients frequently having emails go to SPAM from our organization, please add us to your whitelist:



We also recommend whitelisting our domain:


More details: https://support.kurzweiledu.com/admin?pg=kb.page&page=1550

Alternate Solution (Gmail):

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