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4.1. Information on supported camera devices

Applies to Versions:  Kurzweil 1000 v13, v14


Issue Summary:

The HoverCam cameras are not working properly within Kurzweil 1000.


  1. Login to your machine as a local Administrator account
  2. Ensure that you have patched your Kurzweil 1000 version to the latest patch.  See this article for more information: http://support.cambiumtech.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=1416
  3. Connect the camera device to the machine
  4. Install the drivers for the camera device (refer to the device documentation for detailed instructions)
    • Hovercam drivers should automatically install on Windows Vista, 7, and 8.  They'll need to be downloaded and installed from the Hovercam website for XP.
  5. Launch Kurzweil 1000
  6. Go to Settings > Scanning (Alt T, S)
  7. Set the Threshold to Color
  8. Set the Scanner Source to your camera device (ie: either Hovercam or Sceye)
  9. Choose OK (Enter)
  10. Go to Settings > Save Settings (Alt T, V)
  11. Save over the default or create a new settings file (if a new settings file is created, it will need to be loaded upon each launch of Kurzweil 1000)

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