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1.41. IntelliTools acquired by AbleNet

Last Updated: 2015

The Kurzweil Educational division of Cambium Learning no longer provides support for IntelliTools products. AbleNet, Inc. now owns and provides support for IntelliTools products.

Kurzweil Education announced on 4/17/2014 that the IntelliTools® arm of the company has been sold to AbleNet, Inc. of Roseville, MN. The sale includes the IntelliTools software product line of Classroom Suite, ReadingTutor, MathTutor, Primary Skills Builders, Balanced Literacy™, MathPad™, Number Concepts, and ReadyMade® Story Kits, and the accessible keyboard IntelliKeys® with the keyboard's accompanying products.
Since 1985, AbleNet has been improving the lives of students with disabilities by developing innovative assistive technology solutions empowering learners of differing abilities to thrive in the classroom. Today, AbleNet is a world leader in helping individuals with significant cognitive and/or physical disabilities learn more, work successfully, and live better. Delivering over 500 unique and proprietary products to more than 60 countries, AbleNet provides an essential selection of assistive technology and curriculum used around the world every day.
We are pleased that with this sale, the IntelliTools legacy of providing solutions for learners with lower incidence disabilities will continue to be served by a company with a strong history of delivering positive results for these students.
For more information about the IntelliTools products and support in your area, contact your current supplier or AbleNet. Inc. Here are AbleNet's contact details to address any question you may have:
AbleNet, Inc.
2625 Patton Road
Roseville, MN 55113-1308
Toll Free: (800) 322-0956 (US & Canada)
Phone: (651) 294-2200
Fax: (651) 294-2259
Fax (651) 294-2222 (Orders & Quotes Only)
For Customer Support & General Inquiries
E-mail: customerservice@ablenetinc.com
For Technical Support & Repair Inquiries
E-mail: techsupport@ablenetinc.com
For Accounting Support
E-mail: accounting@ablenetinc.com

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