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2.1. General Information: What document formats are compatible with firefly?

Last Updated: September 2016

Supported firefly document formats:


The above document formats may be opened directly in firefly on the fireflybykurzweil.com website or via the firefly iPad application.

If your content is not in one the above formats, it is recommended to use the Kesi Virtual Printer in order to convert your document into a compatible format for use with either Kurzweil 3000 or firefly. Please note that the Kesi Virtual Printer is a feature of Kurzweil 3000, select this link for more information.

A description of these formats is below:

.kes  - Kurzweil Document, these can be created in the Mac and Windows version of Kurzweil or by creating a draft in firefly.

.txt - Text files (i.e. files created in Notepad)

.rtf - Rich text files (i.e. files created in Wordpad)

.doc - Microsoft Word (older versions of Word)

.docx - Microsoft Word (newer versions of Word)

.epub - epub documents (Note: file extention must end in .epub to be supported)

.bks - This is a special Bookshare/Kurzweil package format, if you rename a Bookshare.zip package to Bookshare.bks, firefly and Kurzweil can open this format.

.pdf - *Adobe PDF documents

.jpg - *An image file format (i.e. taken with a camera that saves picture files to jpg)

(*Note: If you open a .pdf or .jpg directly into firefly, it will not be available on the Kurzweil side unless you open it at least once in firefly first)

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