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2.9. No Page Orientation message

Applies to versions: K1000 v13, v14

Issue Summary:

Normally, after a page is scanned in and it goes through recognition (and meets the confidence threshold yet, indicating the page is "good enough"), K1000 will say how the page is oriented on the scanner bed.

Under the Verbosity settings, this message can be found (and modified) through Scanning and Recognition > Event Page Orientation Info > Message

However, despite this setting, occasionally this function will not speak.


This issue is a result of a bug that was introduced in K1000 v13 and up. This issue is currently under investigation by our developers. Currently there is no ETA for a bug fix. However, a solution does exist:


You can learn about the orientation of the page last scanned using the Reading Status function. That can be done through the menus with Help > Reading Status. It is also available with the Kurzweil 1000 keypad by pressing and holding the Help and Status key, which is the Enter key on the numeric keypad.

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