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4.4. General Information: Scanner Configuration (ScanConf.exe) FAQ (Win)

Last Updated: July 2015

Applies to Versions: Kurzweil 3000/1000 for Windows

What is the Scanner Configuration Utility?

It is an application included with Kurzweil 3000/1000 (K3000/1000) that can be used to change how Kurzweil interfaces with a scanner driver.

If an initialized scanner in K3000/K1000 does not scan correctly, then you can use the Scanner Configuration Utility to possible fix it.

Where is the Scanner Configuration Utility located?

The application file is normally located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kurzweil Educational Systems\Diags\ScanConf.exe

The application installs with the K3000/K1000 software.

Is there a way to save the ScanConf.exe settings and then distribute them to other computers?

Settings get modified and then saved within a file called TWAINInterface.ini in a user's application data folder:

(e.g. C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\KESI\TWAINInterface.ini)


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