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1.5. Missing Acapela Voices in Kurzweil 3000 v16

Last Updated:  June 2018

Applies to:  Kurzweil 3000 v16 Win


After installing Kurzweil 3000 v16, the default Acapela voices (English: Heather, Tracy, or Will;  Spanish: Rosa) are not available within the list of available Text-To-Speech voices.


This is a known issue if you attempted to install Kurzweil 3000 v16 over a previous version of Kurzweil 3000.  In order to resolve the issue, you'll need to uninstall all versions of Kurzweil 3000, and all Acapela TTS installations through your Windows Control Panel.  Once completed, install Kurzweil 3000 v16 again.  The default Acapela voices should now be available.

If you'd like to download the additional Acapela voices, you can do so at the bottom of the page here:  https://www.kurzweiledu.com/k3win

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