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1.57. No Session ID to Keep Alive (0); session idle timeouts (Win)

Last Updated: Feb 2019

Applies to: Kurzweil 3000 (K3000) Web License/Subscription (WL) Windows app


During operation of K3000 WL (software application client), you may encounter a dialogue error message No Session ID to Keep Alive (0).

This message is triggered when a client is unable to connect to the server:

  1. It could be due to drop in Internet connection while client is trying to reach out to server. This is the most common reason for the message. Check your Internet connection. If you're on wireless, ensure that the connection is solid.
  2. Our server is not available to serve the client request. Meaning, kurzweil3000.com may be down. This is a rare occurrence, but it may happen.

Older versions of K3000 WL (e.g. v15 or earlier) may also encounter session idle timeouts. K3000 v16 WL clients do not enforce session idle timeouts. Meaning, if you have a solid Internet connection, you can leave the K3000 v16 WL client running and minimized without activity and not be "kicked out." If you're using K3000 v15 WL, please uninstall v15 and install v16 in its place to avoid such issues.

You can download the latest version of K3000 WL (Win) here: www.kurzweiledu.com/k3win

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