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4.20. OpticPro A320 Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Oct 2022

Combination: Plustek OpticPro A320 (E/L) + Kurzweil 1000 v14 + Windows 10


It appears there have been multiple OpticPro A320x models. The current models are the A320E and the A320L (L for LED lights).

However, the older OpticPro A320 model drivers (without an E or L) may resolve with simply an “A3” device name in K1000. If that’s the case, K1000 may not scan with the device properly.


Download and install the OpticPro A320E drivers here: https://plustek.com/us/products/flatbed-scanners/opticpro-a320e/support.php

Choose to do a complete install and restart.

Before launching K1000, have the user press the scan button on the scanner to attempt a scan. This will warm the scanner up as it falls asleep constantly.

Then close out of any scanning app after the scan takes place, and then launch K1000.

Within Settings > Scanning of K1000, select Plustek OpticPro A320-TWAIN as the Scanner Source and attempt a scan with that.

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