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4.9. Epson DS 1630

Last Updated: Jan 2023
Applies to: Using the Epson DS 1630 with Kurzweil 1000, may apply to Kurzweil 3000


The Epson DS 1630 may not scan properly with Kurzweil. This issue was encountered with using Kurzweil 1000 v14, combined with Windows 10.


Use ScanConf.exe to modify the settings of the driver, then initialize it within Kurzweil.

Only the WIA + TWAIN driver worked. The mutually exclusive TWAIN or WIA drivers both caused a crash when selected under Scanner Setup > Select Scanner during scanner initialization.

Based on testing, either ADF could be configured to work, or Flatbed.  Could not find a configuration to get both to work together.

For ADF:

Most of the settings at default, Hold Scanner = Never, Simulate Xfer Ready = Always On, Force ADF Ready = On

These settings would allow the ADF to work, but Flatbed scanning would repeatedly scan.

For Flatbed:

Force Scanner Ready = On, Initialize ADF = Initially Disable ADF, Force ADF Ready = Off, Require ADF Ready = Off, Hold Scanner = Never, Simulate Xfer Ready = Always On

See attached screenshot for Scanner Configuration settings of the flatbed.

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