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3.6. General Information: License-to-Go and Remote License-to-Go

Applies to Versions: Kurzweil 3000 (Win) Network

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What is  "License-to-Go" and "Remote License-to-Go"?

Technical Information:


License-to-Go's are granted to a computer that is temporarily connected to the network. For example, an administrator installs a regular Kurzweil 3000 Network client on a laptop. From the Kurzweil 3000 Network Administrator program, the administrator chooses the particular student from active user list, and selects "Grant License-to-Go." The administrator then selects the amount of time the license will be checked out for. There will be one less available license available on the server once the license is "checked out".

Issuing a License-to-Go would be similar to checking out a library book (a license) by going into library and speaking with a librarian. The book will be gone for as long as it was checked out, or until it's returned.

Remote License-to-Go:

The Kurzweil 3000 Network version will come with a Remote Client install option. This client is different from the regular Kurzweil 3000 NT client. The client does not have to be connected to the network, ever in order to run but does have a limitation of only being able to be checked out for a year at a time. When you run a remote client for the first time it will give you a system code. The Admin then takes this system code and then generates a Remote License-to-Go Code by entering the System Code into the Network Administrator program. This Remote License-to-Go can be granted for a specified amount of time. The Administrator or client user, will then enter this remote code into the remote client window. Just like the normal License-to-Go option, a remote version reduces your available licences by 1 for the duration of the check-out.

Using the above library book analogy, Issuing a Remote License-to-Go is like checking out a library book over the phone instead in-person, by giving a number and getting a number back. You will receive access to the book (license) as soon as it's checked out.

Additional Remote Client/Remote License-to-Go Information:

The Remote Client is used to generate a system code for a generated Remote License-To-Go code. To create a Remote License-to-Go code there are a few requirements:

1. You will need the clients System Code (When attempting to start the remote client they will get an overlay with a System Code).

2. You will need the clients system Time Zone, and Regional Settings.

3. On the Network Administrator system, set the Time Zone to the same as the Client Machine.

4. Open the Kurzweil Network Administrator and go to Licenses > Generate Remote License-to-Go.

5. Enter the client System Code in the appropriate field and set the appropriate lease time. A code will be generated.

6. Enter the generated code into the clients window

7. If the client machine prematurely expires before the time-frame is up, you may need to generate another RL2GO or L2GO. You will most likely have to specify that it is for "Any User" when you generate another one before the first expires. The first license should expire when the original expiry date has been reached.

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