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2.8. Guide: Distributing content using the universal web library

Using the firefly web storage included in your subscription provides unlimited web storage which allows you to save, open, and distribute Kurzweil files along with other supported formats from within both the Kurzweil 3000 Web License and firefly products.

To expedite the upload and download process for all users, files should be limited to individual chapters, as opposed to entire texts. In addition, you can still copy content to traditional storage media and distribute files that way if desired. It is also possible to use the upload tool to mass upload documents to the firefly web storage system.

Assigning files from the K3000 Web License install:

1. Open the file you would like to assign to your student.

2. Go to File > Save to Library.

3. Select the student's name and their public or private folder; if you cannot see their name you may need to add them to your team.

4. Save the file.

5. Alternatively, you could cut or copy and then paste a file from your folder to a student folder by:

Assigning files from firefly:

1. Login to www.fireflybykurzweil.com

2. Navigate to "Home"

3. Expand the students name and folder you want to save to; if you cannot see their name you may need to add them to your team.

4. Upload the file directly to their folder with the "Upload" button.

5. Alternatively, you could copy or move a file from one folder to their folder using the buttons labeled for such functions via the firefly web interface.

Please note: There are videos available that touch the above processes if you login to www.fireflybykurzweil.com, select "Help", and then select the "Managing Kurzweil 3000-firefly" section, some examples are linked below:

firefly - How to structure your user tree

firefly - What is My Team?

firefly & Web License - How to create a new folder in the Universal Library

More details:

Files can be assigned to users by saving, uploading, or copying the file(s) directly to the user's "Private" or "Public" web storage folder; if the user is in your team their name will be listed under your "Home" tab when you login to firefly. In the installed Web License client, this same location can be found using the "File > Open From Library" and "File > Save to Library" sections of the program. firefly and the install Web license client have linked web storage libraries.

Sharing files using the "Public" folder at the main site level allows everyone at the site to see the files loaded there regardless of team affiliation. It is also possible to save files to a teacher's public folder; as long as a user has a team assignment they will be able to see the files located in the public folder. Please note that students cannot modify the folder structure or save content in the coordinator or teacher public folders. They can however open, edit, and save the opened files to their own firefly account or local machine after opening and modifying the files that they have access to. 

If you do not wish to use a Teacher/Class kind of designation at your site, for example like with a university or college, one recommendation is to use the main coordinator public folder at your site in order to easily distribute files to students. This is because all users regardless of team affiliation can see the main account's public content so it's an easy way to share files. In this example, sharing the coordinator account with other teachers for the purpose of assigning files to individual student accounts or uploading content to the sites public folder is advised.

If you do not want teachers to have access to the main coordinator account, you can instead create a teacher account for the purpose of managing content and users. This could be a good solution to allow a single teacher or group of teacher users to manage users and assign files as sharing teacher accounts is permitted.


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