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2.7. FAQ: K3000 Offline Mode (Win/Mac)

Applies to: Kurzweil 3000 Subscription/Web License Edition

Last Updated: July 2021


What is offline mode?

It lets a user log into and use the installed Kurzweil 3000 (K3000) Subscription/Web License Windows or Mac app without an Internet connection.

How do I set it up?

  1. The Top Level Coordinator (TLC) for your subscription needs to log into kurzweil3000.com. On the Subscriptions Options page, the TLC can set offline mode hours. The default is 96, but you can raise it as high as 1080 (we will assume it's set to maximum for this example). This is equivalent to 45 days offline after a successful log in attempt from the Win/Mac app is made with Internet (which we'll call an online connection). On every successful online connection with your username and password, it will reset once more to the full available offline hours.
  2. The user then needs to log into Windows or Mac with a specific user account for the computer/domain.
  3. With an online connection, the user then needs to log into the installed Windows or Mac app with a specific K3000 user account. Doing this will store the K3000 user account credentials underneath the computer/domain account credentials on that computer, making future offline attempts with that combination of a) computer, b) computer/domain user account and c) K3000 user account (which we'll call a paired setup) possible for the next 1080 hours.
  4. Exit out of K3000.
  5. Kill the Internet connection on the computer in question. Do not kill the connection while K3000 is running.
  6. Without an active Internet connection, launch K3000 and attempt to log in with that same paired setup. Kurzweil will notify you about offline mode after entering your username and password.
  7. With that same paired setup, you can continue to log in for the next 1080 hours without an Internet connection. The next time you log in with Internet, it will automatically reset the hours back to 1080.

What if I attempt to log into K3000 as a different computer/domain or K3000 user?

It will not work, unless you previously logged in with that paired setup.

What if I logged in while being online and then killed my Internet connection? Is that offline mode?

No. If you log in while in online mode and then kill your Internet, you will receive an error in K3000 and you will be given the ability to save your work before you're forced to quit the application.

Does the offline mode work on the kurzweil3000.com website?

No. If you don't have an Internet connection, you cannot access the web and the kurzweil3000.com website.

Can I save files to the Universal Library (i.e. K3000 online file storage/cloud system) while in offline mode?

No. You're not online, and therefore you're not able to save or upload files to our online file storage system.

Will the Translation feature work while in offline mode?

No. The K3000 Translation feature leverages Google Translate and does live API calls to Google's online service. There are other online-only features, such as searching for books on bookshare.org that will also not work.

Does the Standalone edition of K3000 work in offline mode?

The Standalone edition essentially functions in permanent offline mode and never requires an Internet connection. However, certain online-only features such as Translate will be unavailable if you launch K3000 without an Internet connection.


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