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1.47. How to use legacy K3000 VoiceWare voices with K3000 v15 (or later)

Last Updated: Jan 2018

Applies to: K3000 v12, K3000 v15 (or later), Standalone Editions Only

Issue Summary:

The VoiceWare voices (e.g. VW Paul, VW Kate, etc.), included in legacy versions of Kurzweil 3000 (K3000) are no longer available and licensed for inclusion with Kurzweil 3000 v15 or later.

If you have been using an older legacy version of K3000, such as K3000 v12, you may be able to get those voices to “carry over” from your old installation to a new installation of K3000 v15 (or later).



You can first try to locate an older VoiceText NeoSpeech install disc. This was a separate installation disc that was included in older versions of K3000. This will install the voices separately.

If you do not have such a disc, then on a computer where you want these VW voices to be available in K3000 v15, conduct the following:

1. Install the older version of K3000 (in this example we’ll use K3000 v12), where VW voices were included, that you legally purchased. Older versions of K3000 can be downloaded from here: https://www.kurzweiledu.com/news-resources/software-updates/k3000-previous-downloads.html

2. Once K3000 v12 is installed, you will need to activate and register it with your registration info. You will need to register it with a serial number for that version. For example, if you install v12 you will need a v12 serial number to complete registration.

3. After K3000 v12 is installed and registered, you will then want to install K3000 v15 “on top” of the current installation of K3000 v12. You do not want to uninstall K3000 v12 first.

4. You can download K3000 v15 (or later) from here: www.kurzweiledu.com/k3win

5. Follow the prompts to install K3000 v15 on the computer.

6. After K3000 v15 is installed, you’ll want to register and activate it with a v15 serial number.

7. Within K3000 v15, you should have the VW voices that were available with K3000 v12.



We no longer provide official support for VW voices within K3000 v15 or later. If you run into technical issues with using these voices in K3000 v15, we suggest you utilize the high quality Acapela voices (e.g. Heather, Will, Tracy) that come with and are licensed with K3000 v15 or later.

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