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1.45. Automatically logged out of Read the Web extension

Last Updated: Dec 2017

Related to K3000 v15+ Web License/Subscription Edition, Read the Web for Firefox and Chrome


When using Read the Web extension for Firefox or Chrome, it logs you out of it periodically or whenever you try to use a specific function, such as Reading or Dictionary.


This may occur if you’re using the Web License/Subscription Edition of K3000. Most likely it’s related to your proxy server, firewall, or network security prematurely ending the connection to our web and authentication services.


Open a web browser tab and log into www.kurzweil3000.com with the user account you plan on logging into Read the Web with.

While you’re logged into kurzweil3000.com (and that connection is established), open a separate web browser tab and use that tab to browse to web pages and Read the Web.

Log into Read the Web with the same user account you used to log into kurzweil3000.com with.

Whitelist Info:

To avoid this issue, whitelist or make an exception for proxy caching for the below:

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